Starting a Union1

Lets Start a Union!
Lets Start a Union!

Broaching the idea of unionizing can be intimidating when you don’t know how your coworkers feel. Don’t let that hold you back. Remember, sometimes, all it takes is for one person to speak up to spark momentum.

Once that happens, the road to unionization is a process that requires time, energy, participation and dedication. But it is all worth it when you gain the support of a union that can advocate for you and your coworkers through collective bargaining.

Essentially, there are five keys steps on the path to unionization, each with its own set of tasks to move the process forward.

  1. Build support for unionization.
  2. Host a union drive confirming majority support for unionization.
  3. Hold an election for unionization.
  4. Obtain certification from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), if needed.
  5. Enter into contract negotiations with the employer.

National Labor Relations

AFLCIO : 4 Steps to Form a Union

When you and your co-workers come together to form a union, you get the right to negotiate with your employer over wages, benefits and working conditions. 

No matter what the industry you are in, or the labor law that covers it, the process for forming a union is similar.

  1. Get together with your co-workers who may share a common interest in organizing a union.
  2. Talk to a union organizer in order to strategize and to learn the next steps.
  3. Talk to your co-workers to build support for the union.
  4. Show that support through an election or a card-check once you have a strong majority.

Once your union is official, you’ll choose your leaders and negotiate a contract. The process is democratic, and the more inclusive you can be, the stronger your union will be.

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